TRHC - Metco Industrial is proud to partner exclusively with Aquajet as the leading provider on Hydro demolition products and solutions across Australia.

What is Hydro Demolition

Hydro demolition is the sustainable way to protect and preserve concrete constructions. The method is ideal for removing deteriorated and damaged concrete.

With Hydro demolition equipment you also leave a sound and good surface, ready for reinstatement with new material.

Precision control of the high-pressure water jets ensures that the rebar’s remain intact after the operation. As a method and in terms of avoiding cracks, Hydro demolition is outstanding!

METCO - Aquajet Partner
METCO - Aquajet Partner

Aqua Cutter works with the Metco Industrial Jetstream Pump

The Aqua Cutter is connected to a high-pressure unit – a Metco Industrial Jetstream pump. They work in conjunction as a one package solution.

Basically, everything you’ll ever need for your hydro demolition in one place.

Water – the most natural thing there is. Essential for most things in life, and Hydro demolition. Just pump clean fresh water an appropriate water supply, and you’re good to go.

Inside the Metco Industrial Jetstream pump, the water passes through filters, stabilizer tank, booster pump and high-pressure pump.

With the help from a powerful diesel engine and state of the art engineering, you’ll achieve the desired pressure and flow.

The water then exits the Metco Industrial Jetstream Pump and travels through the high-pressure hose to the Aquajet robot where it leaves the nozzle at speed. And this is where the action begins.

Efficient and flexible solutions

Our robots are very compact but also big enough to handle the toughest applications. Their versatility enables Hydro demolition operations in the most difficult situations.
Use of tracks makes the machines easy to manoeuvre across any terrain. No other Hydro demolition robots on the market can offer the same flexibility.

Positioning and control of unit

Our multi-axis system enables fast 3D positioning of the front power head so that the unit can be rapidly put to work on any vertical, curved or horizontal surface.
Hydraulically controlled side shifting of the power head offers better reach and easier operation in confined spaces and the power head can be quickly tilted and turned for vertical and ceiling demolition, with no need for additional equipment.

Tower system for demolition

The easy to extend tower system has proved its versatility; it’s fast and makes it easy to fit the required numbers of sections to reach the desired operation height, whether it’s for vertical or over-head removal.
The robot only needs the tower sections required for the operational task. No folding arms or other unnecessary protruding items get in the way during operation.

Performance quality of Aquajet

With Australia having some of the highest standards required for Hydro demolition. Aquajet’s Hydro demolition robots have performed and been approved according to all Australian standards.

METCO - Aquajet Partner

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